IT Asset Recovery Services

TDS Computers offers IT asset recovery services to help decrease the overall cost of upgrading your computer equipment.

Over time, even the most high-tech of business computers tend to slow down. Constant software updates, viruses, and other potential 'aging' factors, combined with daily use means that your business will eventually have to upgrade the equipment you use. Reducing the cost of these upgrades for your business can be achieved with TDS Computers IT asset recovery services.

IT asset recovery is a simple method of disposing of outdated hardware and attempting to recover as much value as you can. By selling your equipment in this way, you can save your business a considerable amount of cost that would have otherwise been disposed of.

The process of selling us your used IT equipment varies depending on your equipment (the condition, age, type, etc.), your asking price, as well as other factors. If you're interested in receiving a quote for your old IT equipment, fill out the form below, and our experts will contact you within one business day.

Want To Sell Laptops, Desktops, or Networking Gear? The Equipment We Buy Includes:
  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptops
  • Servers
  • Networking Equipment
  • Printers
  • Business Phones
  • Storage Arrays
  • Monitors
  • & More!

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